Adidas Yeezy 500 Supermoon Yellow Released

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Next month! Yeezy 500 "Supermoon Yellow" officially released

After the Yeezy 500 "Blush" in the official site sale, before the Yeezy Supply only a small amount of bundled Supermoon Yellow color matching, today, finally confirmed the date of sale, and has been released in the U. S. forecast!

All the shoes are covered with light yellow, and the upper is combined with three kinds of fabrics, leather, suede and net eyes. The details are decorated with 3M design elements, carrying a unique streamlined bottom, and the overall shape is still in the style of the old style.

Previous although Yeezy 500 "Blush" was identified with word-of-mouth, but still can not prevent the domestic and foreign stars, fashion people on the feet, I think the double Yeezy 500 "Supermoon Yellow" will be a regular visitor in the next month.


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